#1. The Chase

Published: 2.11.2021
Level 5   |   Time: 3:50
Accent: American
Source: Men in Black

Detective Edwards (Will Smith) chases down an alien through the streets of New York City.


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triangle Directions

  1. REVIEW the vocabulary / background.
  2. WATCH the video.
  3. ANSWER the questions.
  4. CHECK your answers. (Show Answers)

triangle Vocabulary

  • Freeze! [v] - Stop moving!
  • NYPD [n] - New York Police Department
  • knock down [phv] - push to the ground
  • punk ass [n] - bad guy
  • arrest [v] - capture by police [image]
  • catch a beat down [exp] - get beat up or hurt in a fight
  • piss (someone) off [phv] - make (someone) angry
  • a ledge [n] - the edge of a building [image]
  • a perpetrator [n] - a criminal
  • blink [v] - close both eyes
  • eyelids [n] - the skin covering your eyes
  • high beams [n] - the bright headlights on a car
  • low beams [n] - the normal headlights on a car
  • draw a weapon [exp] - take out and hold a weapon
  • claim [v] - say something (that other people do not believe)
  • evaporate [v] - disappear
  • soggy [adj] - wet and soft
  • mid-section [n] - stomach, belly [image]
  • soggy around the mid-section [exp] - fat
  • pudgy [adj] - fat
  • keep up [phv] - run as fast as
  • a medical examiner [n] - a person who examines dead bodies (a coroner)
  • a coroner [n] - a person who examines dead bodies (a medical examiner)
  • a morgue [n] - a government building where dead bodies are kept [image]
  • be up in my face [exp] - be rude and aggresive
  • a Stairmaster [n] - an exercise machine [image]
  • a John Doe [n] - an unidentified dead body
  • gills [n] - the things fish use to breath [image]
  • be out of breath [exp] - breathing heavily after running
  • run someone down on foot [exp] - catch someone by running
  • tough [adj] - difficult

[n] - noun,  [v] - verb, [phv] - phrasal verb,  [adj] - adjective,  [exp] - expression

triangle Background

picture picture picture
Edwards Kay Laurel Weaver
  • Edwards is a police officer.
  • He is chasing a man through the streets of New York.
  • The man that Edwards is chasing is actually an alien.
  • Laurel Weaver is a coroner - she examines dead bodies.
  • Kay works for Men in Black - a government organization that monitors alien activity on Earth.

triangle Questions

  1. Edwards works for the New York Police Department.

  2. The man (alien) is scared of Edwards.

  3. The man (alien) failed at some task.

  4. The man (alien) says the world is going to end.

  5. Edwards threw the man (alien) off the roof.

  6. Edwards says the man (alien) has three sets of eyelids.

  7. The police chief (Edwards' boss) believes Edwards' story about the man (alien).

  8. The other police officer agrees with Edwards' story.

  9. Edwards calls the other police officer fat.

  10. Laurel Weaver, the coroner, believes Edwards' story.

  11. Kay says the man (alien) was breathing through his eyes.

  12. Kay is interested in the weapon that Edwards described.

  13. Edwards says that he can't go with Kay because he has too much paperwork to do.

  14. Edwards can't go with Kay because he has too much paperwork to do.

triangle Summary icon

Directions: 1) Put the events in the correct order. Choose ONE word to complete each sentence.


away    climbs    down    roof    under

  • (5)   Edwards enters the museum and runs up to the roof (top) of the building.

  • (1)   Edwards runs down the man.

  • (2)   Edwards tells the man he is under arrest.

  • (4)   The man climbs (scales) up the wall of the Guggenheim Museum.

  • (3)   The man escapes from Edwards and runs away from him.


about    calls    end    off    pairs

  • (7)   The man blinks two pairs (sets) of eyelids.

  • (8)   The man jumps off the building.

  • (6)   The man tells Edwards that world is going to end.

  • (10)   Edwards calls the other police officer fat.

  • (9)   The police chief asks Edwards about the situation.


about    coroner    coroner    gills    leave

  • (15)   Kay and Edwards leave the room together.

  • (14)   Kay asks Edwards about the gun.

  • (12)   Kay flashes the coroner (examiner) with a red light.

  • (13)   Kay tells Edwards that the man's eyelids were actually gills.

  • (11)   The coroner (examiner) tells Edwards that she believes Edwards.

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triangle Script

Edwards: Freeze! N.Y.P.D., freeze!

Cop:: All yours, Edwards.

Edwards: Freeze means stop!

Edwards: Do you see this? N.Y.P.D.! It means I will knock your punk-ass down!

Alien: He's coming! He’s coming!

Edwards: Yeah, and when he gets here, I'll arrest his ass too.

Edwards: You are trying to catch a beat down, huh?

Edwards: What's up?

Alien: He's coming. He's coming because I failed. And now he'll kill me too.

Edwards: Yeah, well you’re just pissing everybody off today, huh?

Alien: You don't understand. Your world is going to end.

Edwards: What the hell are you? Hey. Watch that ledge. Watch the ledge. Look, look, come on down. We'll get those eyes fixed. Don't even worry about it. Wait, wait a minute. Let me talk to you! Hey…

Chief: The perpetrator then blinked two sets of eyelids. You mean blinked with both eyes?

Edwards: No, sir. He blinked one set. Then he blinked a completely different set.

Cop: You know, like high beams and low beams.

Chief: Was that before or after he drew the weapon that you claim evaporated into a million pieces?

Edwards: After, sir.

Chief: And why is it that none of the other officers saw either of these two events?

Edwards: Well sir, some other officers are a little soggy around the midsection. I guess that's why they weren’t able to keep up.

Cop: Hey Edwards, if you were half the man I am…

Edwards: What the hell are you talking about? I am half the man that you are.

Cop: What is your problem?

Edwards: My problem is you being all up in my damn face. That’s my problem.

Cop: You know, I think he threw him off the roof.

Edwards: Maybe you're next.

Chief: I want to talk to you. Now.

Cop: Ten minutes, take your best shot, tough guy.

Edwards: Take ten minutes on a Stairmaster, you pudgy bastard.

Weaver: I believe you. Laurel Weaver, Deputy Medical Examiner. Find me at the morgue on 26th and Shae

Edwards: Wait a minute. Hey, wait a minute!

Kay: You're Dr. Weaver with the coroner's office working on the John Doe, right?

Weaver: Yes, that's right.

Kay: Will you look at this, please?

Kay: Some night, huh?

Edwards: Yeah, some night.

Kay: They were gills, not eyelids. Gills. He was out of breath.

Edwards: Who are you?

Kay: Did he say anything to you?

Edwards: Yeah, he said the world was coming to an end.

Kay: Did he say when? Would you recognize his weapon if you saw it again?

Edwards: Absolutely.

Kay: Come on. Let's take a ride.

Edwards: Wait a minute. Look, I got tons of paperwork.

Kay: Right. It's all done.

Chief: Good work, Edwards.

Kay: You really ran this dude down on foot? That's tough, kid. That's double tough.


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