Learn English with The Big Bang Theory

#6. The Game Addict (1)

Published: 8.17.2019
Level 5   |   Time: 4:21
Accent: American
Source: The Big Bang Theory [S2 E03]

Penny is having many problems in her life, so she starts playing computer games to feel better about herself.

triangle Directions 목표 Direcciones Instruções


    It is important to read the vocabulary and background before you watch the video. This will improve your ability to understand the video. It will also help you understand how the new vocabulary is used naturally.

  2. WATCH the VIDEO

    The first time you watch the video, just try to understand the overall situation.


    First, try to answer all the questions from memory. Then rewatch the video and try to answer the questions that you missed.

  4. WATCH and READ the SCRIPT

    Watch the video again while you read the script. Reading and listening at the same time will help you hear each individual word and improve your listening accuracy.


    There are several different activities that focus on listening accuracy, pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, and sentence structure.


    Es importante leer el vocabulario y los antecedentes antes de ver el video. Esto mejorará su capacidad para comprender el video. También le ayudará a comprender cómo se usa el nuevo vocabulario de forma natural.

  2. VER el VIDEO

    La primera vez que vea el video, intente comprender la situación general.


    Primero intente responder todas las preguntas de memoria. Luego, vuelva a ver el video e intente responder las preguntas que se perdió.


    Mire el video nuevamente mientras lee el guión. Leer y escuchar al mismo tiempo lo ayudará a escuchar cada palabra individual y mejorará su precisión auditiva.


    Hay una serie de actividades diferentes que se centran en la precisión auditiva, la pronunciación, el vocabulario, la gramática y la estructura de las oraciones.

  1. 어휘와 배경 읽기

    비디오를 보기 전에 어휘와 배경을 읽는 것이 중요합니다. 이렇게 하면 비디오를 이해하는 능력이 향상됩니다. 또한 새로운 어휘가 어떻게 자연스럽게 사용되는지 이해하는데 도움이됩니다.

  2. 비디오 보기

    비디오를 처음 볼 때 전체 상황을 이해하려고 노력하세요.

  3. 문제에 답하기

    먼저 모든 질문에 답을 해보세요. 그런 다음 비디오를 다시보고 놓친 질문에 답해보세요.

  4. 비디오 보면서 대본 읽기

    대본을 읽는 동안 비디오를 다시 보세요. 읽기와 듣기를 동시에 하면 각각의 단어를 듣고, 듣기 정확도를 향상시킬 수 있습니다.

  5. 액티비티 하기

    듣기 정확도, 발음, 어휘, 문법 및 문장 구조에 초점을 맞춘 다양한 액티비티가 있습니다.


    É importante ler o vocabulário e o histórico antes de assistir ao vídeo. Isso melhorará sua capacidade de entender o vídeo. Também ajudará você a entender como o novo vocabulário é usado naturalmente.


    Na primeira vez que assistir ao vídeo, tente entender a situação geral.


    Primeiro, tente responder todas as perguntas de memória. Em seguida, assista novamente ao vídeo e tente responder às perguntas que você errou.


    Assista ao vídeo novamente enquanto lê o roteiro. Ler e ouvir ao mesmo tempo ajudará você a ouvir cada palavra individualmente e a melhorar sua precisão auditiva.


    Existem várias atividades diferentes que se concentram na precisão auditiva, pronúncia, vocabulário, gramática e estrutura da frase.

triangle Vocabulary 어휘 Vocabulário Vocabulario

  • ☐ ☐ ☐ point of inquiry [exp] - I have a question.
  • ☐ ☐ ☐ an audition [n] - a trial performance to get a role in a play or movie
  • ☐ ☐ ☐ the Midwest [n] - the middle western part of the United States
  • ☐ ☐ ☐ a raise [n] - a pay increase
  • ☐ ☐ ☐ a fly [n] - a small flying insect
  • ☐ ☐ ☐ dietary [adj] - related to food or diet
  • ☐ ☐ ☐ a staple [n] - the main food of a culture (like rice or bread)
  • ☐ ☐ ☐ sobbing [v] - crying
  • ☐ ☐ ☐ for heaven's sake [exp] - gosh
  • ☐ ☐ ☐ get the hang of (something) [exp] - Understand (something)
  • ☐ ☐ ☐ sarcasm [n] - a type of humor or joke, ironic designed to give pain
  • ☐ ☐ ☐ get the hang of [exp] - become good (skilled) at
  • ☐ ☐ ☐ stand for [phv] - represent with letters
  • ☐ ☐ ☐ enchanted [adj] - magic
  • ☐ ☐ ☐ wildlife [n] - animals
  • ☐ ☐ ☐ Catch (me) up. [phv] - Give (me) an update on what has happened.
  • ☐ ☐ ☐ a newb [n] - a newbie - a new player

[n] - noun,  [v] - verb, [phv] - phrasal verb,  [adj] - adjective,  [exp] - expression

triangle Background 배경 O fundo Antecedentes

picture picture picture
Penny Sheldon Leonard
  • Penny lives across the hall from Sheldon and Leonard.
  • Sheldon and Leonard are both physics professors.
  • Penny is a waitress and wants to be an actor.

triangle Questions 문제 Questões Preguntas

  1. Why can Penny not open her door?
    She can't find her key.
    She is using the wrong key.
    She left her key in her car.

  2. What are some of the problems in Penny's life?
    She failed in her acting audition.
    Her dating life is not going well.
    She hasn't gotten a raise at her job recently.
    She doesn't have any friends.
    She ate a fly.
    She hasn't gone on vacation recently.

  3. How does Penny feel about her life?

  4. What does Sheldon not understand?

  5. What is Sheldon doing?
    Online shopping
    Online dating
    Online gaming

  6. What does AFK mean (stand for)?
    Away From Keyboard
    Awash For Keys

  7. What does OIC mean (stand for)?
    Oh. I see.
    Olympic International Committee
    Only I Can

  8. What item does Penny's character find in the game?
    A chest
    A sword

  9. What level is Penny's character in the game?

  10. What is Penny's character looking for in the game?
    The beach

  11. Why does Penny think she is rich?
    She found a chest.
    She has magic boots.
    She defeated some crocodiles.

  12. What does Sheldon call Penny?
    A newt
    A nun
    A newb

triangle Vocabulary Review 어휘 검토 Revisão de vocabulário Vocabulario revisión

Directions: Choose the word or expression that best completes the sentence.

Instrucciones: Elija la palabra o expresión que mejor complete la oración.

Instrucciones: Escolha a palavra ou expressão que melhor completa a frase.

지시 사항 : 문장을 가장 잘 완성하는 단어나 표현을 선택하십시오.

  • Penny is sad because she hasn't gotten a (raise) at work.
  • Penny has gone on many (auditions) but she hasn't gotten any acting jobs.
  • Sheldon has trouble understanding (sarcasm) when Penny is talking to him.
  • Leonard is worried that the food outside of Penny's apartment might attract (wildlife) like rats and insects.
  • A.F.K. (stands for) "away from keyboard."
  • Penny is (sobbing) because her life in going nowhere.
  • Leonard is confused about the situation, so he asks Sheldon to (catch him up on) what is happening.
  • After a few hours, Penny starts to (get the hang of) the game.

triangle Discussion 논의 Questões de discussão Discusión

  1. Have you ever felt like your life was going nowhere (like Penny)? When? Why? How did you overcome the feeling?
  2. What advice would you give Penny?
  3. Do you play any online multiplayer games? Which one is your favorite?
  4. Do you prefer to play computer games alone or with friends? Why?

triangle Script 대본 Roteiro Texto

Penny, are you experiencing some sort of difficulty?

Yes. I can't get my stupid door open.

You appear to have put your car key in the door lock. Are you aware of that?


All right, then.

Damn it, Damn it, damn it, damn it, damn it!

Would it be possible for you to do this a little more quietly? Point of inquiry - why did you put your car key in the door lock?

Why? I'll tell you why. Because today I had an audition. It took me two hours to get there. I waited an hour for my turn. And before

I could even start, they told me I looked too Midwest for the part. Too Midwest! What the hell does that even mean?

You know I have been in L.A. for almost two years now, and I haven't gotten a single acting job. I've accomplished nothing. I haven't gotten

a raise at work. I haven't even had sex in six months. And just now, when I was walking up those stairs, a fly flew in my mouth and I ate it!

Well, actually, insects are a dietary staple in many cultures. They're almost pure protein.

Oh, son of a bitch! I am frustrated because I am a failure at everything And my breath smells like fly.

There, there. Would you prefer to wait in our apartment?

No, Sheldon, I'd rather sit on this freezing-cold floor sobbing like a three-year-old.

All right, then.

For heaven's sake.

Just when I think I've gotten the hang of sarcasm.

Make yourself comfortable. Not there.

Sheldor is back online.


The Conqueror.

What are you doing?


I'm playing Age of Conan, an online multiplayer game set in the universe of Robert E. Howard's Conan the Barbarian.

Sheldor back online.

What's "AFK"?

AFK. Away from keyboard.


What does that stand for?

Oh, I see.

Yes, but what does it stand for?

Now, just click on the enchanted boots to put them on.

Mm, I don't know. Can I see them in another color?

Just click on them. Yeah, congratulations. You are now a level-three warrior.

What's going on?

Leonard, guess what? I'm a level-three warrior.

Great. Do you know there are groceries outside of your apartment?

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Shh.

I only bring it up because your ice cream's melting And it's starting to attract wildlife.

Uh-huh, yeah. Do I stay in the jungle or go towards the beach?

It doesn't matter right now; you're looking for treasure.

Wait, wait, where are you going? No, no.

You're okay. If you run into crocodiles, just kick them with your boots.

You want to catch me up?

Well, let's see. Uh, she attempted to open her apartment with her car key because her face is overly Midwestern. She hasn't had sex in six months. And she ate a fly.

Seriously? six months?

Oh, my god! A treasure chest! I'm rich!

Level three, and she thinks she's rich. What a newb.

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