#9. Jim Leaves the Office

Published: 3.14.2021
Level 5   |   Time: 2:39
Accent: American
Source: The Office

Jim talks about his decision to leave the Scranton branch and transfer to a new office.


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triangle Directions

  1. REVIEW the vocabulary / background.
  2. WATCH the video.
  3. ANSWER the questions.
  4. CHECK your answers. (Show Answers)

triangle Vocabulary

  • cry (myself) to sleep [exp] - cry until (I) fall asleep
  • flammable [adj] - able to burn or catch on fire
  • assure [v] - promise, confirm
  • transfer [v] - move to a new office (and city)
  • obvious [adj] - clear
  • can’t beat [exp] - can't be better than
  • hot [adj] - attractive
  • steer clear [exp] - avoid, stay away from
  • Head for open waters. [exp] - Run away. Avoid that situation.
  • ambitious [adj] - having a strong desire to succeed
  • throat [n] - the front of the neck [image]
  • get ahead [phv] - do well in a company
  • Cornell [n] - a famous Ivy League university in the US.
  • an acappella group [n] - a group that sings without instruments (a cappella)
  • a diversity policy [n] - rules to prevent racism and protect minorities
  • a refresher [n] -a short retraining course
  • a cold call [n] - make a surprise phone call to someone in order to sell something
  • business startups [n] - new businesses or companies (start-ups)
  • the Chamber [n] - The Chamber of Commerce - a local association to promote the business community
  • (didn't) go through (with) [phv] - didn't complete a plan
  • get cold feet [exp] - lose confidence, be scared

[n] - noun,  [v] - verb, [phv] - phrasal verb,  [adj] - adjective,  [exp] - expression

triangle Background

picture picture picture picture picture
Dwight Jim Pam Andy Roy
  • Jim has recently transferred from the Scanton Branch to the Stamford branch of Dunder Mifflen Paper company.
  • Dwight, Pam and Roy are Jim's ex-coworkers (from Scranton Branch).
  • Andy is one of Jim's new coworkers (from Stamford Branch).
  • Pam and Roy were engaged to be married.
  • Jim recently told Pam that he loves her.

triangle Questions

  1. How does Dwight feel about Jim leaving the Scranton Branch of the office?
    He misses Jim.
    He doesn't miss Jim.
    He hopes Jim does well at the Scranton Branch.

  2. Why does Jim say that he left the Scranton Branch?
    He got a promotion.
    He felt uncomfortable around Pam.
    He doesn't like living in Scranton.
    He didn't like working with Dwight.
    He likes the view from his new office.
    He thinks his new manager (Josh) is better than his old manager (Michael).

  3. What does Andy tell Jim about the girl in the office?
    She is single.
    She is interested in Jim.
    Jim should stay away from her.

  4. Why does Andy call Jim "Big Tuna"?
    Because Jim is very tall.
    Because Jim likes fishing.
    Because Jim ate a tuna sandwich.

  5. What does Andy say about Jim?
    He seems violent.
    He is a hard worker.
    He is not very smart.
    He is very ambitious.

  6. What does Andy say about his time at university.
    He attended a famous university.
    He studied hard at university.
    He was a business major.
    He drank a lot at university.
    He sang in a musical group.
    It took him five years to finish.

  7. What type of training will the Scranton Branch have?
    Business startup training
    Diversity training
    Sales training

  8. What does Jim volunteer to do?
    Lead the training
    Make some cold calls
    Visit the Scranton Branch

  9. What does Pam choose for lunch?

  10. What changes has Pam made in her life?
    She got married to Roy.
    She ended her relationship with Roy.
    She moved into Roy's apartment.
    She moved into her own apartment.
    She started taking an art class.
    She quit her art class.

  11. Why is Roy delivering Pam's lunch?
    Because her feet are cold.
    Because he likes to make her lunch.
    Because they still have food from their wedding.

  12. How much longer will Roy be delivering Pam's lunch?
    5 days
    5 weeks
    5 months

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triangle Script

Dwight: Jim is gone. He’s gone. I miss him so much. Ooooh I cry myself to sleep, Jim! False. I do not miss him.

Jim: I can’t say whether Dunder Mifflin paper is less flammable, sir, but I can assure that it is certainly not more flammable.

Jim: Why did I transfer to Stamford? I think that’s pretty obvious. I got promoted! And you can’t beat that view… right?

Andy: Hey, Big Tuna! You’re single right?

Jim: Uh-huh, yeah. I am.

Andy: She’s pretty hot huh? She’s completely crazy. Steer clear Big Tuna. Head for open waters.

Jim: OK.

Andy: OK.

Jim: I ate a tuna sandwich on my first day. So, Andy started calling me Big Tuna. I don’t think any of them actually know my real name.

Andy: Big Tuna is a super ambitious guy, you know? Cut your throat to get ahead kind of guy, but I mean I’m not threatened by him. I went to Cornell, you ever heard of it? I graduated in four years. I never studied once. I was drunk the whole time, and I sang in the acappella group, “Here Comes Treble.”

Josh: So, end of day we are going to have a little diversity policy refresher, because of some more problems at the Scranton branch. And I have a list of business startups I got from the chamber. Yes, I am going to need someone to cold call them.

Jim: Oh, I can do that.

Roy: Chicken or fish?

Pam: [loud sigh] Chicken.

Roy: So you havin’ a good day?

Pam: Excellent, thanks.

Roy: Good, glad. OK.

Pam: Yeah, I didn’t go through with the wedding. I got cold feet a few days before. And I can’t really explain it. I just had to get out of that relationship. We still had to pay for all the food. So we froze it. But I’m, I’m doing well. I have my own apartment. And I’m taking art classes. And I have lunch for the next five weeks.

Jim Loves Pam
Branch Closure