#25. Joey works at Central Perk

Published: 4.18.2017
Level 4  |  Time: 4:48
Accent: American
Source: Friends [S6 E12]

Joey needs a job, so he starts working at the coffee shop where all his friends hang out.


triangle Directions

  1. REVIEW the vocabulary / background.
  2. WATCH the video above.
  3. ANSWER the questions.
  4. CHECK your answers. (Show Answers)

triangle Vocabulary

  • cut down [phv] - reduce / lessen
  • a regular [n] - a regular cast member on a TV show
  • a soap opera [n] - a daytime TV show
  • wait on [phv] - serve / be a waiter
  • heading up there [exp] - go there
  • You got it! [exp] - Ok!
  • wink [v] - close one eye
  • apron [n] - clothes waiters wear to protect their clothes
  • What's going on? [exp] - What's happening?
  • cape [n] - clothes worn on one's back (like superman)
  • weird [adj] - strange
  • yellow snow [n] - snow that has been urinated on
  • pass on my wisdom [exp] - give knowledge to someone
  • goes a long way [exp] - is valuable / helpful
  • clear out [phv] - go away
  • turn over [phv] - get new customers
  • toss in [phv] - give something (for free)
  • audition [n] - trial to try to join a TV show
  • be in charge [exp] - be the boss / be the responsible
  • get his hair dyed [exp] - change his hair color
  • get away with that [exp] - do something without consequences
  • straighten out [phv] - fix (a problem)

[n] - noun,  [v] - verb,  [phv] - phrasal verb,  [adj] - adjective  [exp] - expression

triangle Background

image image image image
Joey Rachel Ross Monica
  • Central Perk is the friends favorite coffee house.
  • Gunther is the owner/boss of Central Perk.

triangle Questions

  1. Why can't Joey pay his bill? (0:07)
    He doesn't like the coffee.
    He forgot his wallet.
    He doesn't have a job.

  2. What job did Joey used to have? (0:22)
    a waiter at a restaurant
    an actor on a soap opera
    a professor at a university

  3. Why doesn't Joey want to work at the coffee house? (0:28)
    The pay is low.
    His friends come there often.
    He doesn't like the customers.

  4. Why does Rachel tell Joey not to go behind the counter? (1:14)
    It is rude.
    She is jealous.
    She doesn't know he works there.

  5. Why didn't Joey tell his friends about his job? (1:50)
    He is embarrassed.
    He forgot.
    He doesn't want to give them a discount.

  6. What are the good things about working at the coffee house? (2:03)
    The pay is good.
    He can drink free coffee.
    The work is easy.
    He can wear an apron.

  7. What does Ross want? (2:20)

  8. Who used to work at the coffee house? (2:51)

  9. What advice does Rachel give to Joey? (2:57)
    smile a lot
    eat a lot of muffins
    don't sneeze

  10. Why is Ross angry? (3:22)
    Joey didn't bring his coffee.
    The coffee is too hot.
    The coffee is too expensive.

  11. Why did Joey get fired? (3:50)
    He left to do a movie audition.
    He was late.
    He made a lot of mistakes.

  12. Why did Gunther leave Joey in charge? (2:54)
    Because Joey was a good worker.
    Because Gunther was getting his hair dyed.
    Because Rachel told him to do it.

  13. How long did Joey work at the coffee house before he got fired? (4:03)
    a couple of hours
    a couple of days
    a couple of weeks

  14. How does Joey get his job back? (4:22)
    Rachel tells Gunther to give Joey his job back.
    Joey begs for his job.
    Gunther feels guilty about firing Joey.

triangle Script

Gunther: Here you go.

Joey: Ah, Gunther, I can’t pay for this right now because I’m not working, so I’ve had to cut down on some luxuries like uh, payin’ for stuff.

Gunther: Well, if you want, you can work here.

Joey: Uh, I don’t know. Ya see, it’s just, see I was a regular on a soap opera y’know? And to go from that to this, I just… Plus, I’d have to wait on all my friends.

Gunther: Okay, but the money’s good, plus you get to stare at Rachel as much as you want.

Joey: What?!

Gunther: Flexible hours.

Joey: Maybe I could be a waiter. Could I use the phone?

Joey: Hey Ross, listen, you want anything to drink, ‘cause I’m heading up there.

Ross: Uh, yeah, I’ll take a coffee. Thanks, man.

Joey: Sure. Coffee? ‘Cause I’m going up there.

Rachel: No.

Monica: No, thank you.

Joey: You guys need anything, ‘cause I’m heading up there.

Woman: I’d love an ice water.

Joey: You got it.

Monica: Joey, what are you doing?

Joey: Just being friendly.

Rachel: Joey, honey, I don’t think you’re supposed to go back there.

Joey: Nah, it’s okay. Right, Gunther?

Gunther: Don’t wink at me. And put on your apron.

Joey: Okay, but I don’t see you asking any other paying customers to put on aprons.

Monica: Joey, do you work here?

Joey: No.

Customer: Hey, waiter.

Joey: Yeah?

Monica: Joey, what’s going on. What didn’t you tell us you work here?

Joey: It’s kind of embarrassing, y’know. I mean, I was an actor and now I’m a waiter. It’s supposed to go in the other direction.

Chandler: So is your apron. You’re wearing it like a cape.

Joey: I mean, the job’s easy and the money’s good, you know? I guess I’m going to be hanging out here anyway. I might as well get paid for it, right? I just feel kind of weird serving you guys.

Rachel: Come on, Joey, I did it and it was fine.

Ross: Yeah, why would it be weird? Hey, Joey, can I get some coffee?

Joey: Okay, I guess it doesn’t seem that weird.

Ross: Seriously, I-I asked you before and you still haven’t gotten it.

Joey: See, now it’s weird again.

Chandler: I think it’s great that you work here. You’re going to make a lot of money, and here’s your first tip: Don’t eat yellow snow. Ah ha ha, 2:15, coffeehouse.

Rachel: Well, you know what? This is great. Finally, I have someone I can pass on my wisdom too. Let me tell you about a couple of things I learned while working at the coffeehouse. First of all, the customer is always right. A smile goes a long way. And if anyone is ever rude to you? Sneeze muffin.

Joey: Thanks, Rach. Look, you guys are just terrific. Y’know? Now, how about clearing out of here so I can get some new customers. It’s all about turnover.

Ross: Joey, seriously, can I get my coffee?

Joey: Oh, I’m sorry, Ross. I’ll get it for you right now. And since I made you wait, I’ll toss in a free muffin.

Chandler: Hey, buddy boy, how’d the audition go?

Joey: Not good, no. I didn’t get the part, and I lost my job here, so …

Phoebe: Wow! That is a bad audition.

Rachel: How-how did you lose your job here?

Joey: Well, I had the audition but Gunther said I had to stay here and be in charge so he could go get his hair dyed. So, I went anyway, and then he fired me.

Rachel: He left work in the middle of the day to do a personal errand and left you in charge when you’ve been working here two days? That’s not, that’s not right.

Joey: Yeah, what are ya gonna do?

Rachel: Joey, you can’t let him get away with that. Ya know what, I’m not going to let him get away with that. I’m going to say something to him—No, I really shouldn’t say anything—No, I should say something to him. Gunther, I want you to give Joey his job back. That is really not fair that you have to fire him…

Gunther: Okay.

Rachel: What?

Gunther: He can have his job back.

Rachel: That’s right, he can have his job back. I’m glad we got that all straightened out. There you go, Joey, you got your job back.

Joey: That’s great. Thanks Rach.

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