Easy TV

BBC Flatmates
FM.1 Welcome Michal
FM.2 Out for a Drink
FM.3 Helen in Love
FM.4 Problems in the Flat
FM.5 A New Flatmate
FM.6 The Movie Date
FM.7 Helen's Secret
FM.8 Helen + Michal

Top Notch TV Fundamentals
F.1 Nice to Meet You
F.2 Who's that?
F.3 How do I get there?
F.4 Who's this?
F.5 You're late!
F.6 Do you like this blouse?
F.7 Welcome to my new apartment
F.8 What do you do in the morning
F.9 Making a weekend plan
F.10 Tonight I'm cooking
F.11 How was yout trip?
F.12 She has a fever
F.13 Do me a favor?
F.14 I'd like to get married

Top Notch TV 1
1.1 Giorgio Moretti
1.2 Interviewing Giorgio
1.3 Making a weekend plan
1.4 Paul gives directions
1.5 Cheryl's family
1.6 Bob's memory trick
1.7 What's in the salad
1.8 Eating healthy
1.9 Where are the tickets?
1.10 Paul and Machines
1.11 Bob's Exercise
1.12 Bob's Eexercise advice
1.13 Mr. Rashid's vacation
1.14 What a vacation!
1.15 Which do you prefer?
1.16 Fashion for Bob
1.17 A trip to South Africa
1.18 Paul's African Adventure
1.19 Bargaining
1.20 I'll leave the tip

Top Notch TV 2
2.1 Have we met before?
2.2 The Museum of Cheese
2.3 Choosing a movie
2.4 The movie star
2.5 Can I take a message
2.6 Hotel complaints
2.7 Paul's accident
2.8 A luxury van
2.9 How about a manicure?
2.10 Bob's haircut
2.11 A sit-down meal
2.12 What's for dessert?
2.13 What is that color?
2.14 Feeling blue?
2.15 Art for the office
2.16 Paul the artist
2.17 The computer expert
2.18 New office tech
2.19 Marie flirting
2.20 Bob the romantic

Top Notch TV 3
3.01 A little early
3.02 Etiquette in India
3.03 Are you ok?
3.04 Too much medicine
3.05 Rush job
3.06 Planning the party
3.07 Bob the dancer
3.08 The etiquette teacher
3.09 Planning the wedding
3.10 A new holiday
3.11 Somewhere safe
3.12 An epidemic in Finland
3.13 Bob's history book
3.14 Newspapers
3.15 New technology
3.16 Paul's phone buzzer
3.17 Discussing politics
3.18 I'm not a radical
3.19 Planning a honeymoon
3.20 A trip to Tahiti

isten in English

2.2 The Museum of Cheese

Published: 3.18.2017
Level 2   |   Time: 2:19
Accent: American
Source: Top Notch TV

Mr. Evans suggests sightseeing locations to a new client.


triangle Directions

  1. REVIEW the vocabulary / background.
  2. WATCH the video.
  3. ANSWER the questions.
  4. CHECK your answers. (Show Answers)

triangle Vocabulary

  • sightseeing [n] - visit tourist places
  • twice [adv] - two times
  • tour [v] - visit

[n] - noun, [v] - verb, [adv] - adverb

triangle Background

Mr. Evans Marie
Mr. Evans Marie
  • Mr. Evans and Marie work in a travel agency.
  • Ms. Novak is a new client.

triangle Questions

  1. What does Ms. Novak want to do before she leaves the city?
    visit her sister
    go sightseeing

  2. How often does Ms. Novak visit this city?
    once a month
    eight years ago

  3. Which activites has Ms. Novak already done in the city?
    visited the Riley Museum of Art
    been to the Olsen Building
    eaten at Andre's Cafe
    gone to Cold Beach
    seen the city Opera
    toured the Japanese Gardens
    visited the Museum of Cheese

  4. How many times has Ms. Novak visited the Riley Museum of Art?
    two times
    twelve times
    twenty times

  5. When did Ms. Novak go to the Olsen Building?
    last week
    last month

  6. How many times has Ms. Novak eaten at Andre's Cafe?
    two times
    twelve times
    twenty times

  7. What does Marie reserve tickets for?
    the Opera
    the Riley Art Museum
    the Museum of Cheese

  8. Who is going to go to the Museum of Cheese?
    Ms. Novak and Marie
    Ms. Novak and Katarina
    Ms. Novak and Mr. Evans

  9. Where is the Museum of Cheese
    on the corner of 7th and Oak Street
    on the corner of 17th and Oak Street
    on the corner of 70th and Oak Street

  10. When will they meet?
    at 4pm

  11. What is the Museum of Cheese?
    a cheese shop
    a museum
    a cafe

triangle Language (past participles)

Directions: 1) Choose the verb that you think best fits the sentence. 2) Listen again and check your answers.

  • I’ve (come) here once a month for eight years.
  • I’ve (seen) it all before.
  • Have you (visited) the Riley Museum of Art?
  • Have you ever (been) to the top of the Olson Building?
  • Have you (eaten) at Andre’s Cafe?
  • (Have you) ever (been) to Cold Beach?
  • (Have you) (seen) the City Opera?
  • (Have you) (toured) the Japanese Gardens?
  • Have you ever (visited) the Museum of Cheese?

triangle Script

Mr. Evans: I have your tickets
Ms Novak: Thank you. Did you know that Marie knows my sister, Katerina?
Mr. Evans: Really? It’s a small world, isn’t it? So are you going sightseeing before you leave?
Ms. Novak: No. I’m going back to the hotel to read.
Mr. Evans: What?! You’re visiting our great city and you’re not even going to see it?
Ms Novak: I’ve come here once a month for eight years. I’ve seen it all before.
Mr. Evans: I’m sure I can think of something you haven’t seen.
Ms Novak: I think you’re wrong.
Mr. Evans: Have you visited the Riley Museum of Art?
Ms. Novak: Twenty times.
Mr. Evans: Have you ever been to the top of the Olson Building?
Ms. Novak: Just last month.
Mr. Evans: Have you eaten at Andre’s Cafe?
Ms. Novak: Twice.
Mr. Evans: Ever been to Cold Beach?
Ms. Novak: Yes.
Mr. Evans: Seen the City Opera?
Ms. Novak: Yes.
Mr. Evans: Toured the Japanese Gardens?
Ms. Novak: Yes.
Mr. Evans: You can’t have done everything in this city.
Ms. Novak: I’m afraid it’s true.
Mr. Evans: Have you ever visited the Museum of Cheese?
Ms. Novak: There’s no Museum of Cheese.
Mr. Evans: Aha! It is really amazing. Everyone goes there. I can’t believe you haven’t been there yet! Mane, could you call the Museum of Cheese and reserve a ticket for Ms. Novak and me?
Ms. Novak: You’re not serious.
Mr. Evans: I am It’s at the corner of Seventh and Oak I’ll see you there at 4:00.
Ms. Novak: OK, I’ll see you there Thank you. Good-bye, Marie.
Mane: Say hello to Katerina for me.
Marie: Mr. Evans, is there really a Museum of Cheese at Seventh and Oak?
Mr. Evans; It’s a wonderful little cheese shop. They have every kind of cheese. Some of it’s very old, so, yes, I’d say it’s a museum of cheese. Ms. Novak will love it.

2.1 Have we met before
2.3 Choosing a movie