#7. Lost baby on a bus (1)

Published: 8.04.2017
Level 4   |   Time: 3:28
Accent: American
Source: Friends [S2 E06]

Joey and Chandler lose Ross's son Ben while trying to meet girls on the bus.


triangle Directions

  1. REVIEW the vocabulary / background.
  2. WATCH the video.
  3. ANSWER the questions.
  4. CHECK your answers. (Show Answers)

triangle Vocabulary

  • an anvil [en] - a big heavy piece of metal [image]
  • aim [v] - point
  • a pack of babes [exp] - a group of attractive women
  • a cutie-pie [n] - a cute person (or baby)
  • a whiff [n] - a smell
  • a uterus [n] - a part of a woman's body
  • adopt [v] - legally take and raise another person's child
  • make out [phv] - kiss
  • talent [n] - attractive girls
  • adorable [adj] - cute
  • out [adj] - gay (and not hiding it)
  • heterosexual [adj] - not gay (straight)
  • pull the chord [exp] - signal that you want to get off the bus
  • pick up [phv] - answer the phone
  • the Transit Authority [n] - the bus company
  • a stroller [n] - equipment (with wheels) to hold a baby
  • a car seat[n] - a safe seat for a baby in a car

[n] - noun,  [v] - verb, [phv] - phrasal verb,  [adj] - adjective,  [exp] - expression

triangle Background

picture picture
Chandler Joey
  • Joey and Chandler are friends living in New York.
  • They are taking care of their friend's baby (Ben).

triangle Questions

  1. What is Chandler complaining about?
    He doesn't want to carry the baby.
    They brought too many things.
    Joey is walking too fast.

  2. Why does Joey want to hold the baby?
    Because he loves babies.
    Because he thinks Chandler will drop the baby.
    Because he wants to attract women.

  3. What does Joey offer to let the woman do?
    smell the baby
    hold the baby
    kiss the baby

  4. What does the woman assume about Joey and Chandler?
    They are best friends.
    They are a gay couple.
    They are good parents.

  5. Why do Joey and Chandler get on the bus?
    It is cheaper than the taxi.
    They can't find a taxi.
    Two attractive women get on the bus.

  6. What does Joey tell the two girls on the bus?
    They are not gay.
    They don't like babies.
    They live far away.

  7. Where does Joey tell the girls that he lives?
    near the sidewalk
    next to the bus stop
    in Brooklyn

  8. What does Joey suggest?
    They all get a drink together.
    They all go out to dinner together.
    They all meet tomorrow.

  9. What do Joey and Chandler forget on the bus?
    their wallets
    the baby stroller
    the baby

  10. Why do Chandler and Joey give up chasing the bus?
    It is going to fast.
    They don't know which one to follow.
    They don't care about the baby.

  11. Who does Chandler call?
    the Transit Authority (bus station)
    the baby's father (Ross)
    the two girls (from the bus)

  12. Who does the person prefer talking to?

triangle Script

Chandler: You know, I don't think we brought enough stuff. Did you forget to pack the baby's anvil?

Joey: I'm telling you, it's gonna be worth it. It's a known fact that women love babies, all right? Women love guys who love babies. It's the whole sensitive thing. Quick, aim him at that pack of babes over there. Maybe one of them will break away. Wait, forget them. We got one. Hard left. Alright. Give me the baby.

Chandler: It’s ok. I got him.

Joey: Come on, seriously.

Chandler: Oh, seriously, you want him?

Chandler: Hello.

Woman: Hello. Who is this little cutie-pie?

Chandler: Well, don't think me immodest, but... me.

Joey: Do you want to smell him?

Woman: I assume we're talking about the baby now?

Joey: Oh, yeah. He's got that great baby smell. Get a whiff of his head.

Woman: I think my uterus just skipped a beat.

Joey: What'd I tell you?

Woman: I think it's great you guys are doing this.

Chandler: Well, we are great guys.

Woman: You know, my brother and his boyfriend have been trying to adopt for three years. What agency did you two go through?

Chandler: That was a good plan, Joe. Next time we want to pick up women, we should just go to the park and make out. Taxi! Taxi!

Joey: Hey! Hey! Look at that talent.

Chandler: Just practicing. You're good. Carry on.

Both: Wait, wait, wait!

Woman: Hey, you. He's just adorable.

Chandler: Can you tell him that? Because he thinks he looks too pink.

Woman: So what are you guys out doing today?

Joey: Oh. We’re not out! No, no. No. We're just two heterosexual guys hanging with the son of our other heterosexual friend doing the usual straight-guy stuff.

Chandler: You done?

Joey: Yeah!

Woman: Oh, there's our stop.

Joey: Get out of here! This is our stop.

Woman: You guys live around here too?

Joey: Oh yeah. Sure. We live in the building by the, uh, sidewalk.

Chandler: You know it?

Joey: Since we're neighbors and all, what do you say we, uh, get together for a drink?

Woman: So, uh, do you wanna go to Markel's?

Chandler: Oh, sure, they love us over there.

Woman: Hey, where's your baby?

Both: Ben! Ben! Ben! Ben!

Chandler: That's good. Maybe he'll hear you and pull the cord!

Joey: Stop the bus! Hey! Hey, there's a baby! Wait, wait, wait!

Chandler: Come on! Pick up, pick up!

Chandler: Hello, Transit Authority? Yes, hello. I'm doing research for a book, and I was wondering what somebody might do if they left a baby on a city bus. Yes, I realize that would be a stupid character.

Joey: Hi. Here's the deal: We lost a car seat on a bus today. It's white plastic with a handle and it fits onto a stroller. Oh, and there was a baby in it. He wants to talk to you again.

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