#16. Chandler + Joey's sister (2)

Published: 1.19.2018
Level 4   |   Time: 4:20
Accent: American
Source: Friends [S3 E11]

Chandler goes to Joey's grandmother's house to break up with one of his sisters kindly.


triangle Directions

  1. REVIEW the vocabulary / background.
  2. WATCH the video.
  3. ANSWER the questions.
  4. CHECK your answers. (Show Answers)

triangle Vocabulary

  • You are the man. [exp] - You are great!
  • tick (someone) off [phv] - make someone angry
  • yummy [adj] - delicious
  • Mussolini [p] - the leader of Italy during World War II.
  • top notch [exp] - very good
  • excuse yourself [exp] - get up and ask to leave politely
  • squint [v] - look at something with your eyes partly closed
  • jump the gun [exp] - act before the proper time
  • get out of a relationship [exp] - break up
  • soberly [adv] - not drunk
  • So what! [exp] - Who cares?!
  • apologize [v] - say sorry

[n] - noun,  [p] - person,  [v] - verb, [phv] - phrasal verb,  [adv] - adverb,  [exp] - expression

triangle Background

picture picture
Chandler Joey
  • When Chandler was drunk, he fooled around with (kissed) one of Joey's sisters, Mary-Angela.
  • Chandler doesn't remember what Mary-Angela looks like.

triangle Questions

  1. Where is Chandler?
    in his apartment
    at Joey's house
    at Joey's grandmother's house

  2. Why is Joey there?
    He is waiting for his laundry.
    He looking for Chandler.
    He misses his sisters.

  3. Why is Chandler there?
    To talk to Mary-Angela.
    To meet Joey
    To get a recipe for tiramisu

  4. What does Joey's grandmother know about Chandler and Mary-Angela?
    She knows that they kissed.
    She knows that Chandler was drunk.
    She doesn't know anything.

  5. Who made the tiramisu ?
    Joey's grandmother

  6. What is Mary-Angela's favorite dessert?

  7. Why does Chandler get up and leave the table?
    He is nervous.
    He has to go to the bathroom.
    He is going to meet one of Joey's sisters.

  8. What does the girl in the red shirt want?
    She wants more food.
    She wants to help Chandler.
    She wants to kiss Chandler.

  9. Who is the girl in the red shirt?

  10. What did Mary-Angela tell her sister about Chandler?
    He is a bad guy.
    He has soft lips.
    He is very handsome.

  11. Who calls Joey?

  12. What do Joey's sisters want Joey to do?
    Talk to Chandler.
    Punch Chandler.
    Hug Chandler.

  13. Why doesn't Joey do it?
    He is scared of Chandler.
    He is worried about Chandler.
    He thinks Chandler feels sorry.

  14. What does Joey want Chandler to do?
    Date his sister.
    Apologize to Mary-Angela.

  15. Why doesn't Chandler do it?
    He feels sorry.
    He doesn't feel sorry.
    He doesn't know who Mary-Angela is.

  16. Who punches Chandler?
    one of Joey's sisters
    Joey's grandmother

triangle Vocabulary Review

Directions: Choose the expression that best completes the sentence.

  • Chandler says that the tiramsu is delicious.

  • Chandler is afraid that he will make Joey angry if he breaks up with his sister.
    tick Joey
    Joey tick off
    tick Joey off

  • Because Chandler comes to meet Joey's sister, Joey says, "I respect you."
    You are a man.
    You are my man.
    You are the man.

  • Chandler has to narrow his eyes because he can't see well.

  • Chandler thinks he acted too quickly when he kissed Joey's sister.
    jumped off
    jumped the gun
    jumped up

  • Chandler says he would never do something to hurt Joey if he were not drunk.

triangle Script

Joey, wh-wh-wh-what are you doing here?
Waiting for my Grandma to finish my laundry. What about you?
I’m here to see Mary-Angela.
You are so the man! Now look, listen, listen, you got to be cool because my Grandma doesn't know about you two yet, and you do not want to tick her off. She was like the sixth person to spit on Mussolini's hanging body. Yeah.
Where's Mary-Angela?
She's right in there.

Hey, Chandler!
This tiramisu is, is excellent. Did you make it Mary-Angela?
No! I did!
Well, it's, it's yummy. So Mary-Angela do you like it?
Of course! It’s her favorite.
So um, Mary-Angela, what's your second favorite?
More of Grandma's tiramisu .
Would you just please....give me the recipe because this is great. It's top notch.
That dies with me.
So will I.
Excuse yourself, and go to the bathroom.
Oh no-no-no I was just squinting. That doesn't mean anything.
Just do it.
Will you excuse me I have to um.....

Finally, I thought we'd never be alone. Can I just tell you something. I have not stopped thinking about you since the party.
Look, I may have jumped the gun here. Um, I just got out of a relationship and I'm not really in a commitment kind of place.
So! Me neither! God, Mary-Angela was right. You do have the softest lips.
Ahhhh, you’re not Mary-Angela.
No, I’m Mary-Theresa.
This is so bad. If you’re not Mary-Angela, then who is?
I am!
Oh, this is soo bad.
No Joey! No Joey! Don't Joey! Joey!
What's going on?
You're it! Now run and hide!
It's no big deal. Chandler was just kissing me because he thought I was Mary-Angela.
What?! How could you do that, how could you think she was Mary-Angela?
I wasn't sure which one Mary-Angela was. Look, I’m sorry okay, I was really drunk, and you guys all look really similar.
I say, punch him Joey.
Yeah! Punch him!!
You know what, we should all calm down because your brother is not going to punch me. Are you?
Well, that is usually what I would do. But I just never thought you'd be on the receiving end of it. How could you do this?!
Joey, if you wanna punch me, go ahead. I deserve it. But I just want you to know that I would never soberly hurt you or your family. You're my best friend. I would never do anything like this ever again.
So what. I say, punch him.
Yeah! Punch him! Punch him!
No! No! No! No, I'm not going to punch Chandler.
I’ll do it.
No you won't. Look, he knows he did a terrible thing and I believe him. He's sorry. But you've got one more apology to make, all right. You've got to apologize to Mary-Angela.
Okay, absolutely!
All right.
You’ve got it.
Cookie, now you can punch him!

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