#1. Dating Age Gap

Published: 11.27.2017
Level 4   |   Time: 4:53
Accent: American
Source: The Odd Couple [S2 E03]

Oscar takes some critisism from his friends for dating a woman much younger than him.


triangle Directions

  1. REVIEW the vocabulary / background.
  2. WATCH the video.
  3. ANSWER the questions.
  4. CHECK your answers. (Show Answers)

triangle Vocabulary

  • a pouty face [exp] - push out your lips
  • duck-lipped [adj] - push out your lips
  • a thing [exp] - something that is popular now
  • a nanny [n] - a person who cares for a child in its own home
  • run into (someone) [phv] - meet someone by accident
  • pepper spray [n] - a spray that bothers someone's eyes, used to disable someone
  • the little girl's room [n] - the bathroom
  • miss fancy pants [exp] - an insult for someone who is too special
  • lame [adj] - not cool / stupid
  • an old soul [exp] - a young person who seems wise and mature
  • a build-a-bear [n] - a type of teddy bear
  • fuzzy-wuzzy [adj] - soft, hairy and cute
  • a shot [n] - a picture
  • age-appropriate [adj] - having a similar age
  • snappy banter [exp] - quick, clever conversation
  • chemistry [n] - having a strong emotional connection
  • a stirring [n] - a feeling
  • substantial [adj] - a large amount

[n] - noun,  [v] - verb, [phv] - phrasal verb,  [adj] - adjective,  [exp] - expression

triangle Background

picture picture picture picture
Felix Oscar Emily Allyson
  • Oscar and Felix are both divorced.
  • They are roommates in an expensive apartment building in New York City.
  • They both have new girlfriends.
  • Charlotte is a woman who lives in the same apartment building.

triangle Questions

  1. Where does Allyson post her photo?

  2. What is Felix's job?
    a chef
    a nanny
    a photographer

  3. What is Allyson's job?
    a chef
    a nanny
    a photographer

  4. Where did Oscar and Allyson meet?
    at a club
    at a school
    in the elevator

  5. Where does Allyson go?
    to the bathroom
    to the kitchen
    to her bedroom

  6. Who follows Emily on Instagram?

  7. Why does Allyson have to leave?
    Her parents want her to come home.
    She has to go to work.
    She has to meet a friend.

  8. Why does Oscar say he will go with Allyson?
    to protect her
    to help her
    to say hello to Charlotte

  9. Where does Charlotte live?
    with Oscar
    in the same apartment building

  10. What does Charlotte offer Oscar?
    a rock
    some alcohol
    a teddy bear

  11. What do Oscar and the bear have in common?
    They are both old.
    They are both cute.
    They are both fuzzy-wuzzy.
    They both like baseball.

  12. What is the name of Charlotte's son?

  13. Why does Charlotte talk about numbers?
    She wants Oscar's phone number.
    She is describing the age gap between Allyson and Oscar.
    She is boasting about how much money she earns.

  14. Who does Felix want Oscar to date?

  15. According to Felix, what are the good things about Charlotte?
    She is close to Oscar's age.
    She is smart.
    She is pretty.
    She is humorous.

  16. Why does Oscar not want to date Charlotte?
    She is always insulting him.
    She is too old.
    She lives too close.

  17. Which famous romantic couple that Felix mentions does Oscar know?
    Beatrice and Benedick
    Valmont and Merteuil
    Han Solo and Princess Leia

  18. What kind of woman did Oscar used to be married to?
    a strong woman
    a much younger woman
    a lawyer

  19. Why is Oscar talking weird to Allyson?
    He is confused.
    He is trying to act young.
    He wants to prove they have chemistry.

  20. Who is the 201st "like" for Allyson's photo?

triangle Discussion

  1. Who do you think Oscar should date – Allison or Charlotte? Why?
  2. Oscar is probably 25 years older than Allison. Why do you think she is attracted to Oscar?
  3. How do you feel about a couple with a 10-year age gap? Does your feeling change if the woman is older than the man? How about a 20-year age gap? Do you know the "half your age plus seven" rule?
  4. How often do you take selfies? How often do you post selfies? How often do check your posted photos for “likes”? (BE HONEST!!)
  5. Where do you usually post photos or videos? (Facebook, Instagram, Kakaostory, TikTok?)? Which platform do you like the most? Why?
  6. Do any famous people follow you on Facebook, Instagram or Kakaostory? Do you follow any famous people? Who? Why?
  7. How do you pronounce these symbols:   :   _   -   @   $   .   #   /   \   ?
  8. How do you say these addresses:

    colon    under score    dash    at    dollar sign    dot    hashtag    forward slash    backslash

triangle Script

Allyson: Cute! Okay, now let's do a pouty face. Oh, my God!

Oscar: Even duck-lipped, we are one cute couple.

Allyson: This one is so going on Instagram.

Felix: Would you like me to take a photo of you two? I am a professional photographer.

Allyson: That's still a thing? If everyone's got a camera, why would you need that?

Felix: Good question. Remind me to order my coffin later.

Emily: Oh, Felix. These guys and their younger women. Am I right? So how'd you guys meet?

Oscar: Allyson's a nanny in the building, and we kept running into each other in the elevator. And one day I said, "You're great with kids, I am a kid, let's do this thing!"

Allyson: How could I resist?

Felix: Did you try pepper spray?

Allyson: You know what? I will have some wine.

Felix: Can I see some I.D.? Again, I kid.

Allyson: Our photo on Instagram already has 31 likes.

Oscar: Oh, that's great! Do we get money for that?

Allyson: I need to use the little girl's room.

Felix: She said it, not me.

Oscar: Make all the young jokes you want, Allyson makes me happy. Which I know annoys you, which just makes me happier, which makes you annoyeder, which I know isn't a word.

Felix: Must I remind you of your recently stated desire to mature and to grow?

Oscar: I am. I'm taking it slow. Dating Allyson is easy. And that's all I'm looking for right now.

Allyson: Bad news. Charlotte just got called into a work thing and her ex is out of town, so I have to go up and watch the kid.

Oscar: Oh, really? Her boss is the worst. Miss Fancy Pants PhD thinks she's the smartest person in the room.

Felix: When she thinks this, are you the only other person in the room?

Alliyson: I better get up there.

Oscar: I'll escort you. This building can be pretty dangerous at night.

Felix: That's right. I heard there's a dirty old man riding in the elevator.

Charlotte: I didn’t know it was Bring-your-father-to-work Day.

Oscar: Charlotte.

Charlotte: Oscar.

Allyson: Come in! I have a present for you.

Oscar: Oh, no, I really should go and not, you know, be in there.

Allyson: Don't be lame! Get in here.

Charlotte: So, Oscar, can I offer you a drink? I have some great 20-year-old scotch. Or is that too old for you?

Oscar: I get it because she's younger than me.

Charlotte: Oh, there are rocks younger than you.

Oscar: Allyson may be young in age, but she's an old soul and... oh, no.

Allyson: I made him for you at Build-A-Bear! See? You both like baseball, and you're both so fuzzy-wuzzy.

Charlotte: So cute!

Allyson: Let me get a shot of you guys. I'm gonna check on Evan. Bye, baby.

Oscar: Okay, clearly you have an attitude about me dating Allyson. But you know what? To me, age is just a number.

Charlotte: Yes, and if you subtract Allyson’s number from your number, you still have a number older than her.

Felix: Okay, why are you wasting your time with this Allyson girl?

Oscar: What are you talking about, man?

Felix: Charlotte is perfect for you. She's beautiful, intelligent, funny, and might I add once again, age appropriate..

Oscar: But all we do is insult me.

Felix: That's just snappy banter. Even when you're bickering, you have chemistry. Like Beatrice and Benedick. Valmont and Merteuil. Han Solo and Princess Leia.

Oscar: Oh, okay. Yeah, I admit there may be a little stirring when I see her in my... nether places. But it doesn't matter. I'm with Allyson, and that's going great.

Felix: Oscar, Oscar, Oscar...

Oscar: Felix, Felix, shut up.

Felix: Allyson is nice, but Charlotte is exactly the kind of woman you need in your life: a strong woman who can stand up to you.

Oscar: I was already married to one of those.

Felix: Exactly. That's your type: a real substantial woman.

Oscar: Allyson and I do have snappy banter. Watch this. There she is!

Allyson: Wassup.

Oscar: What's the word, pretty bird?

Allyson: What?

Oscar: What's shakin', bacon?

Allyson: Why are you talking all, like, weird?

Oscar: Oh, here we go. I love this back-and-forth between us.

Allyson: Oh, my God, that photo of you and Bear has 200 likes! Two hundred and one!


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