Easy TV

BBC Flatmates
FM.1 Welcome Michal
FM.2 Out for a Drink
FM.3 Helen in Love
FM.4 Problems in the Flat
FM.5 A New Flatmate
FM.6 The Movie Date
FM.7 Helen's Secret
FM.8 Helen + Michal
FM.9 New Year's Changes

Top Notch TV Fundamentals
F.1 Nice to Meet You
F.2 Who's that?
F.3 How do I get there?
F.4 Who's this?
F.5 You're late!
F.6 Do you like this blouse?
F.7 Welcome to my new apartment
F.8 What do you do in the morning
F.9 Making a weekend plan
F.10 Tonight I'm cooking
F.11 How was yout trip?
F.12 She has a fever
F.13 Do me a favor?
F.14 I'd like to get married

Top Notch TV 1
1.1 Giorgio Moretti
1.2 Interviewing Giorgio
1.3 Making a weekend plan
1.4 Paul gives directions
1.5 Cheryl's family
1.6 Bob's memory trick
1.7 What's in the salad
1.8 Eating healthy
1.9 Where are the tickets?
1.10 Paul and Machines
1.11 Bob's Exercise
1.12 Bob's Eexercise advice
1.13 Mr. Rashid's vacation
1.14 What a vacation!
1.15 Which do you prefer?
1.16 Fashion for Bob
1.17 A trip to South Africa
1.18 Paul's African Adventure
1.19 Bargaining
1.20 I'll leave the tip

Top Notch TV 2
2.1 Have we met before?
2.2 The Museum of Cheese
2.3 Choosing a movie
2.4 The movie star
2.5 Can I take a message
2.6 Hotel complaints
2.7 Paul's accident
2.8 A luxury van
2.9 How about a manicure?
2.10 Bob's haircut
2.11 A sit-down meal
2.12 What's for dessert?
2.13 What is that color?
2.14 Feeling blue?
2.15 Art for the office
2.16 Paul the artist
2.17 The computer expert
2.18 New office tech
2.19 Marie flirting
2.20 Bob the romantic

Top Notch TV 3
3.01 A little early
3.02 Etiquette in India
3.03 Are you ok?
3.04 Too much medicine
3.05 Rush job
3.06 Planning the party
3.07 Bob the dancer
3.08 The etiquette teacher
3.09 Planning the wedding
3.10 A new holiday
3.11 Somewhere safe
3.12 An epidemic in Finland
3.13 Bob's history book
3.14 Newspapers
3.15 New technology
3.16 Paul's phone buzzer
3.17 Discussing politics
3.18 I'm not a radical
3.19 Planning a honeymoon
3.20 A trip to Tahiti

isten in English

Using Proper English (F**k)

Published: 6.01.2017
Level 4   |   Time: 2:30
Accent: American
Source: Monty Python

Monty Python describes the multiple uses and meanings of the word fuck.


triangle Directions

  1. REVIEW the vocabulary / background.
  2. WATCH the video.
  3. ANSWER the questions.
  4. CHECK your answers. (Show Answers)

triangle Vocabulary

  • derive [v] - come from
  • a transitive verb [n] - a verb that has an object
  • an intransitive verb [n] - a verb that doesn't have an object
  • enhance [v] - make better
  • versatility [n] - having many different uses
  • fraud [n] - stealing or cheating someone (usually out of money)
  • dismay [n] - sadness
  • aggression [n] - anger
  • inquiry [n] - questions
  • dissatisfaction [n] - not being satisfied
  • incompetence [n] - not good at one's job
  • dismissal [n] - being pushed away / kicked out / fired
  • applications [n] - uses
  • character [n] - personality

[n] - noun,  [v] - verb, 

triangle Questions

  1. What is the 'F' word?

  2. What feeling can 'fuck' describe?

  3. What language does 'fuck' come from?

  4. What does 'frichen' mean?
    to strike
    to have sex
    to sleep

  5. What is the meaning of John fucked Shirley.
    John helped Shirley.
    John hurt Shirley.
    John had sex with Shirley.

  6. What is the meaning of Shirley fucks.
    Shirley is unkind.
    Shirley is beautiful.
    Shirley has sex.

  7. What is the feeling of John's doing all the fucking work.
    John is working hard. Why aren't you?
    John is working too hard.
    John's quality of work is poor.

  8. What is the feeling of Shirley talks to fucking much.
    I hate that Shirley is always talking.
    Shirley is always talking about sex.
    Shirley is stupid.

  9. What is the meaning of Shirley is fucking beautiful.
    Shirley is sexy.
    Shirley is NOT actually beautiful.
    Shirley is very beautiful.

  10. What is the meaning of I don't give a fuck.
    I don't have any money.
    I don't want to have sex.
    I don't care.

  11. What is the meaning of Absol-fucking-lutely
    definitely absolutely
    100% definitely absolutely

  12. What is the meaning of Fuck the fucking fuckers!
    I love those people.
    I hate those people.
    I want to have sex with those people.

  13. What is the meaning of I got fucked at the used car lot.
    I paid too much for my used car.
    I had sex at the used car lot.
    I don't like the people at the used car lot.

  14. What is the meaning of Ah fuck it!
    I give up.
    Let's have sex.
    I hate you.

  15. What is the meaning of I guess I'm really fucked now.
    I just had sex.
    I'm in big trouble.
    I'm hungry.

  16. What is the meaning of Don't fuck with me buddy!
    I don't want to have sex with you.
    I'm too beautiful to date you.
    Don't bother me.

  17. What is the meaning of I don't understand this fucking question.
    I don't understand this fair but difficult question.
    I don't understand this question about sex.
    I don't understand this question, and I hate this test and I hate you and I hate everything.

  18. What is the feeling of Who the fuck was that?
    That person was beautiful.
    That person was an asshole.
    That person suddenly appeared and surprised me.

  19. What is the feeling of I don't like what the fuck is going on here.
    I am angry.
    I am happy.
    I am confused.

  20. What is the meaning of Why don't you go outside and play hide-and-go-fuck-yourself?
    Please leave me alone.
    Go outside and have fun.
    You should try to have sex with someone else.

triangle Script

Perhaps one of the most interesting words in the english language today is the word fuck. Out of all of the English words that begin with letter F, fuck is the only word that is referred to as the F-word. It's the one magical word, just by it's sound can describe pain, pleasure, hate and love.

Fuck, as the most words in the English languages, is derived from German, the word fricken which means to strike. In English fuck fall into many grammatical categories.

As a transital verb for instance : "John fucked Shirley.
"As an intransitive verb. "Shirley fucks."
It's meaning is not always sexual.

It can be an adjective such as "John's doing all the fucking work."
As part of an adverb : "Shirley talks too fucking much!"
As an adverb enchancing an adjective : "Shirley is fucking beautiful!"
As a noun : "I don't give a fuck!"
As part of a word : "Abso-fucking-lutely" or "in-fucking-credible"
And, as almost every word in a sentence : "Fuck the fucking fuckers!"

As you must realize there aren't too many words with the versatility of fuck.
As in these examples describing situations such as:

Fraud - I got fucked at the used car lot.
Dismay - Oh, fuck it!
Trouble - I guess I'm really fucked now.
Aggression - Don't fuck with me buddy.
Difficulty - I don't understand this fucking question.
Inquiry - Who the fuck was that?
Dissatifaction - I don't like what the fuck is going on here.
Incompetence - He's a fuck off.
Dismissal - WHy don't you go outside and play hide-and-go-fuck-yourself?

I'm sure you can think of many more examples. With all of these multipurpose applications how can anyone be offended when you use the word?
So, use this unique flexible word more often in your daily speech. It will identify the quality of your character immediately.
Say it loudly and proudly : "FUCK YOU !!!"

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