Robert's Rebellion

Published: 8.22.2017
Level 6   |   Time: 2:56
Accent: British
Source: Game of Thrones

Robert Baratheon describes how he defeated the Targaryens in Robert's Rebellion.


triangle Directions

  1. REVIEW the vocabulary / background.
  2. WATCH the video.
  3. ANSWER the questions.
  4. CHECK your answers. (Show Answers)

triangle Vocabulary

  • heinous [adj] - terrible
  • a house [n] - a family
  • a sept [n] - a temple or church
  • overthrow [v] - defeat
  • call the banners [exp] - gather and prepare an army
  • minions [n] - helpers / allies
  • loyalists [n] - people who support the king
  • take refuge [exp] - hide and rest
  • the bells tolled [exp] - the bells rang
  • sweep into [v] - enter quickly
  • overwhelm [v] - defeated easily
  • scamper [v] - run
  • emerge from hiding [exp] - come out and not hide anymore
  • pissing himself [exp] - be very scared
  • a ford [n] - a shallow part of a river that you can walk across
  • a ruby [n] - a precious red-colored stone
  • the royal host [n] - the king's army
  • battle-hardened [adj] - having lots of battle experience
  • face-off [v] - fight face-to-face
  • fight with the fury of 10 men [exp] - fight with a lot of power
  • reign blow after blow [exp] - hit someone again and again
  • vile [adj] - evil
  • scum [n] - an evil person
  • make for [phv] - go to

[n] - noun,  [v] - verb, [phv] - phrasal verb,  [adj] - adjective,  [exp] - expression

triangle Background

  • This story is being told by Robert Baratheon.
  • King Aerys Targaryen (the Mad King) is the king of the Seven Kingdoms.
  • Prince Rhaegar is King Aerys' son.
  • Robert Baratheon is the Lord of Storm's End.
  • Robert Baratheon wants to overthrow King Aerys.
  • Eddard Stark is an ally and friend of Robert Baratheon.

triangle Questions

  1. Who is telling the story?
    Ned Stark
    Robert Baratheon
    Rhaegar Targaryen

  2. Which house committed henious crimes?
    the Starks
    the Targaryens
    the Tullys

  3. Which two houses united with the Baratheons to fight the Targaryens?
    the Starks
    the Arryns
    the Tullys

  4. What did Ned Stark and John Arryn try to do?
    They tried to capture Summerhall.
    They tried to find Rhaegar Targaryen.
    They tried to persuade the Tullys to join Robert's Rebellion.

  5. Where was Robert Baratheon's first victory?
    Ashford Castle
    The Stoney Sept

  6. Where was Robert Baratheon defeated?
    Ashford Castle
    The Stoney Sept

  7. Where did Robert's army take refuge (hide and rest)?
    Ashford Castle
    The Stoney Sept

  8. Why did the townspeople ring the city bells?
    to warn the people of the battle
    to help the Targaryen army find Robert
    to celebrate the defeat of the Targaryen army

  9. Which two armies came to help Robert Baratheon's army?
    the Stark army
    the Tully army
    the Lannister army

  10. Who led the Targaryen army at the Trident River?
    Ned Stark
    Rhaegar Targaryen
    Aerys Targaryen

  11. Which army had more soldiers?
    the Targaryen army
    the Baratheon army

  12. What advantage did Robert's soldiers have?
    They were fresh.
    They had more horses.
    They had more battle experience.

  13. Who did Robert kill face-to-face during the battle?
    Ned Stark
    Rhaegar Targaryen
    Aerys Targaryen

  14. Why is the place where they fought called the "Ruby Ford"?
    Rubies from Rhaegar's armor fell into the river there.
    The water has a beautiful ruby color there.
    There is a ruby mine there.

  15. Why didn't Robert go to King's Landing?
    He didn't have enough soldiers.
    He was wounded in the battle.
    He was scared.

  16. Who did Robert send to capture King's Landing?
    Ned Stark
    Rhaegar Targaryen
    Aerys Targaryen

  17. Who was in the Red Keep (a castle) in King's Landing (a city)?
    Ned Stark
    Rhaegar Targaryen
    Aerys Targaryen

triangle Script

Rebellion! The crimes of House Targaryen were too heinous to go unanswered. The noble houses of Baratheon, Stark and Arryn united to oppose and overthrow the line of the cursed Dragon Kings. While Ned Stark and Aran secured an alliance with the Tully's of Riverrun, I called the banners of Storms End and rode out in force against the Mad King and his minions. Gods, those were some battles!!

Our first victory occurred at Summer Hall, where I faced off against an army of Dragon loyalists and won three battles in a single day - three in one day! Seven hells, that was a glorious day. We tried to take Ashford Castle in the reach, but the Tyrells beat us back. We had to regroup. My army was pursued north by Arys' army and took refuge in the Stony Sept in the Riverlands. When the Targaryen army entered the town, the Sept bells tolled - a signal to the townspeople of the battle that was to come. As the Targaryen searched from house to house for me, the combined forces of Ned Stark and the Tully's swept into the city. Gods, what a day that was! It's now known as the Battle of the bells. We overwhelmed the Mad King's forces and sent them scampering back to King's Landing.

Arys' son Rhaegar who started the whole damn thing finally emerged from hiding in the south and assembled his own army to face us. As for the Mad King, he must have been pissing himself. Te battle that would decide the fate of the Seven Kingdoms occurred at the crossing of the Green Fork of the Trident River. Rhaegar commanded the royal host which was some 40,000 strong. My forces were outnumbered by nearly 5000 men, but that didn't matter. They were fresh, but we were battle-hardened and had justice on our side.

As the battle raged around, I faced off with Rhaegar. The stag and the dragon right there in the ford of the river. I fought with the fury of ten men, raining blow after blow upon that vile Prince before burying my Warhammer in his chest. I hit him so hard there rubies on his armor broke free flinging them into the stream. They call it the Ruby Ford now.

With that scum Rhaegar dead and the royal army shattered, our next move was to make for King's Landing. But I'd sustained a few wounds in the battle and was unable to ride. I sent Ned Stark to the capital to face the Mad King and make him pay for his crimes.

Mad King Aery (3)
Sack of King's Landing (1)