Easy TV

BBC Flatmates
FM.1 Welcome Michal
FM.2 Out for a Drink
FM.3 Helen in Love
FM.4 Problems in the Flat
FM.5 A New Flatmate
FM.6 The Movie Date
FM.7 Helen's Secret
FM.8 Helen + Michal
FM.9 New Year's Changes

Top Notch TV Fundamentals
F.1 Nice to Meet You
F.2 Who's that?
F.3 How do I get there?
F.4 Who's this?
F.5 You're late!
F.6 Do you like this blouse?
F.7 Welcome to my new apartment
F.8 What do you do in the morning
F.9 Making a weekend plan
F.10 Tonight I'm cooking
F.11 How was yout trip?
F.12 She has a fever
F.13 Do me a favor?
F.14 I'd like to get married

Top Notch TV 1
1.1 Giorgio Moretti
1.2 Interviewing Giorgio
1.3 Making a weekend plan
1.4 Paul gives directions
1.5 Cheryl's family
1.6 Bob's memory trick
1.7 What's in the salad
1.8 Eating healthy
1.9 Where are the tickets?
1.10 Paul and Machines
1.11 Bob's Exercise
1.12 Bob's Eexercise advice
1.13 Mr. Rashid's vacation
1.14 What a vacation!
1.15 Which do you prefer?
1.16 Fashion for Bob
1.17 A trip to South Africa
1.18 Paul's African Adventure
1.19 Bargaining
1.20 I'll leave the tip

Top Notch TV 2
2.1 Have we met before?
2.2 The Museum of Cheese
2.3 Choosing a movie
2.4 The movie star
2.5 Can I take a message
2.6 Hotel complaints
2.7 Paul's accident
2.8 A luxury van
2.9 How about a manicure?
2.10 Bob's haircut
2.11 A sit-down meal
2.12 What's for dessert?
2.13 What is that color?
2.14 Feeling blue?
2.15 Art for the office
2.16 Paul the artist
2.17 The computer expert
2.18 New office tech
2.19 Marie flirting
2.20 Bob the romantic

Top Notch TV 3
3.01 A little early
3.02 Etiquette in India
3.03 Are you ok?
3.04 Too much medicine
3.05 Rush job
3.06 Planning the party
3.07 Bob the dancer
3.08 The etiquette teacher
3.09 Planning the wedding
3.10 A new holiday
3.11 Somewhere safe
3.12 An epidemic in Finland
3.13 Bob's history book
3.14 Newspapers
3.15 New technology
3.16 Paul's phone buzzer
3.17 Discussing politics
3.18 I'm not a radical
3.19 Planning a honeymoon
3.20 A trip to Tahiti

isten in English

BBC News - July 22

Published: 07.23.2020
Level 5   |   Time: 1:48
Accent: British
BBC Global News Podcast (07.22.2020)

News Headlines from the BBC Global News Podcast - Trump craziness, an oil truck in Nigeria, the bat immune system.


You can download the file [ HERE ].


triangle Directions

  1. REVIEW the vocabulary.
  2. LISTEN to the audio.
  3. ANSWER the questions.
  4. CHECK your answers (Show Answers)

triangle Vocabulary

  • federal [adj] - related to the central national government (not state or local)
  • law enforcement officers [n] - police
  • spiral out of control [exp] - become chaotic, no order
  • a demonstration [n] - a protest on the street
  • plagued [adj] - have continual trouble
  • DNA [n] - genetic material
  • the immune system [n] - the system in the body that fight disease
  • severe [adj] - harsh, strong
  • go into overdrive [exp] - work to much or too hard
  • fierce [adj] - strong
  • tolerate [v] - endure, withstand

[n] - noun,  [v] - verb, [phv] - phrasal verb,  [adj] - adjective,  [exp] - expression

triangle Questions

  1. President Trump is sending federal law enforcement officers to various US cities.

  2. Trump says he wants to protect US cities from violent crime.

  3. Trump wants to protect people who are protesting against racism.

  4. Trump wants to shut down policing.

  5. Trump wants the federal law officers to replace the local police.

  6. An exploding oil truck has killed 12 people in southern Nigeria.

  7. Bat DNA may help scientist create a cure to COVID-19.

  8. Humans have a much stronger immune system than bats.

  9. The reaction of the human immune system fighting a virus can often cause more health problems than the actual virus.

triangle Script

This is the Global News Podcast from the BBC World Service. I'm Alex Ritson in the early hours of Thursday, the twenty third of July. These are our main stories.

President Trump is sending hundreds of federal law enforcement officers to fight what he calls rising violent crime in American cities. President Trump says he's sending federal law enforcement officers to Chicago and other U.S. cities to fight what he says is violent crime that is spiraling out of control.

Mr. Trump said recent anti-racism demonstrations on the streets of American cities represented what he described as an effort to shut down policing. He said the federal agents would help police in communities plagued by violence.

In southern Nigeria's Delta region, at least 20 people have been killed by an exploding oil truck.

And later, could bat DNA hold the secret to a potential cure for COVID-19. What scientists are really interested in is their immune system. It seems that they have this very fierce immune system that enables them to tolerate viruses that make us sick.

And at the same time, their immune systems don't go into overdrive when viruses are present. And that is actually one of the problems for humans when we're fighting viruses. Some of the most severe effects are not the viruses themselves but the way that our bodies react to them. So our bodies sort of go into overdrive and that can cause lots of problems.

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